Invitation to Audition for a Kids TV Series


We are pleased to announce that auditions are now open for a Kids’ TV Series titled “Desperate Child”. Auditions will be held on Monday, 19th December 2016 at Lantern House, No 1, Morrison Crescent, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Kids between 7-12 age brackets are expected for the audition and will be accepted for different roles. Interested kids should be able to spend at least two/three hours of practice whenever called for rehearsals. Continue reading



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Lantern Books (C) 2016

  • Look carefully before crossing the road
  • Be attentive when on the road; don’t use headsets or anything that can distract you
  • No running; be calm and cautious while on the road
  • If you are walking with your parents/elders, hold on to their hands

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Lantern Storybook of the Week: Hopes and Betrayals

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Joke and Vincent are both born-again Christians. They have been courting for years. The families of the couple are anxiously waiting for Joke to complete her National Youth Service Corps, so as to solemnize the couple’s marriage in the church. In the process, someone else enters the picture. Joke meets Dele, her close friend’s brother.

Will Joke and Vincent’s relationship remain the same afterwards?

Find out in Hopes and Betrayals by Matthew Adeta.

Hopes and Betrayals is available for purchase online here and can also be found in these outlets nationwide.

Lantern Storybook of the Week: The Greedy Little Bird by Olamide Bamtefa

Greedy Little Bird1.gifOnce upon a time, a little boy named Dayo worked in a big house as a cleaner. He was from a poor family and could barely get enough to eat daily. Most of the servants at the big house were very cruel to him, except the cook who usually gave him crumbs of bread to eat. Continue reading