Lantern Story of the Week: Citizen Parrot & Tunde’s Birthday by Olajire Olanlokun


Citizen Parrot: Tunde, a boy of about five years old has a parrot which he is so fond of. He keeps her in a metal cage outside their house. The parrot repeats everything that Tunde and his friend say. Tunde feeds her very well and enjoys, along with his friend, the company of his parrot. Because of the particular behaviour of the parrot and Tunde’s love for her Tunde calls her Citizen Parrot.
Tunde’s Birthday: Tunde has witnessed the marking of his friend’s birthday at school. He wants his to be celebrated as promised by his father. His father has given him his word; “If you do well in your school work, I will make your birthday party a big one”. Tunde takes second position in his class and now his party will be a big one. He invites friends and well-wishers to attend his party. The party turns out to be a very celebrated one, with so many gifts. He has a nice time with his friends during the party and at last all the children have stories to tell at home.

Citizen Parrot and Tunde’s Birthday Party is available for purchase online.


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