Lantern Storybook of the Week: Hopes and Betrayals

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Joke and Vincent are both born-again Christians. They have been courting for years. The families of the couple are anxiously waiting for Joke to complete her National Youth Service Corps, so as to solemnize the couple’s marriage in the church. In the process, someone else enters the picture. Joke meets Dele, her close friend’s brother.

Will Joke and Vincent’s relationship remain the same afterwards?

Find out in Hopes and Betrayals by Matthew Adeta.

Hopes and Betrayals is available for purchase online here and can also be found in these outlets nationwide.


Lantern Storybook of the Week: The Greedy Little Bird by Olamide Bamtefa

Greedy Little Bird1.gifOnce upon a time, a little boy named Dayo worked in a big house as a cleaner. He was from a poor family and could barely get enough to eat daily. Most of the servants at the big house were very cruel to him, except the cook who usually gave him crumbs of bread to eat. Continue reading

Lantern Storybook of the Week: Sunshine


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Usi and Olega are given a precious gift in a mysterious way. They cherish this gift so much that they become shattered when the gift is lost due to the naughtiness of Uta, an orphan whom Usi decides to help.

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Lantern Storybook of the Week: Tortoise and the Animal Kingdom

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Tortoise and The Animal Kingdom (Children’s Storybook)

All the animals are living together in harmony until Tortoise, the most cunning and lazy animal in the kingdom causes a major division in the once united Animal Kingdom. Find out how the most cunny and tricky animal, Tortoise, causes the uproar in the once united Animal kingdom. Continue…to read the story  Continue reading

Lantern Story of the Week: Catty and the Chase by Anthonia Ekpa


Lantern Story of the Week- Catty and the Chase

cat1Cat and Mouse are very good friends who do things together. The cat will go to the market to buy food while the mouse will cook it. Something happens to spoil their friendship forever.  Find out what it is that caused the age-long enmity between the cat and the mouse in Catty and the Chase by Anthonia Ekpa. Read on the story here. Continue reading

Lantern Story of the Week: God Sends Mfon a Bird by Anthony Ekpa & Furo Dagogo


It is the birthday of Mfon and Iyen. Iyen (female child) is older than Mfon (male child) but they share the same birthday! Their parents are organizing a birthday party for them. They prepare special cakes for the two kids. But Mfon wants an unusual birthday gift. A special bird. When he realizes it will not be so easy to get, he decides to ask God.

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