What Does “Christmas” Mean?

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Christmas is a big festival of joy and happiness. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the Jesus Christ every year on 25th of December. It is observed as the Christmas Day to celebrate and give honour to Jesus Christ.


People enjoy the Christmas holiday all through the day by dancing, partying, singing and visiting relatives, friends, well-wishers, and so on. It is mainly celebrated by Christians but interested people from other religions join in the celebration.

People wear new and colourful dress at this day and enjoy a lot. Everyone wishes each other by the quote of “Merry Christmas” and go to another’s house to exchange wishes and gifts.

Christians start lots of preparations for Christmas at least a month before. At this day, houses, offices, churches, etc. are cleaned; white washed and decorated well using paper flowers, natural flowers, sceneries, pictures, looking glasses, wall buntings, etc. Market also gets decorated to look attractive and one can see the market full of Christmas cards, gift items, sceneries, toys, etc.


People enjoy decorating their houses with the Christmas tree in the centre of house. They load the Christmas tree with lots of gift items like chocolates, candies, balloons, dolls, birds, flowers, lights, etc. to make it bright and beautiful.


Parents also take their kids out to play with Father Christmas who plays and presents gifts to the kids

People (mainly Christians) this day pray to their God Jesus Christ, confess in front of God to remove their sins and sufferings, sing holy songs, and exchange lots of gifts among friends, relative, family members, neighbours, etc. They arrange a big feast including delicious dishes in the dinner which are served to all people.

After feast everyone enjoys music, dance and sing at night. It is a festival of great fervour and rejoice which everyone enjoys all over the world.

Kindly share other things you know about Christmas with us. The comment box is yours!





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