Cell Phone Etiquette for Kids


1. Cell phones are not really important when family and friends are present. Rule 1: ‘Family comes first’. If you are spending time with your family, don’t fiddle with your phone as this makes you ignore others which show that they are not important.

2. Don’t make or receive calls when you should be doing something else.

Rule 2 is, ‘Focus and finish’. Fiddling with or talking on your phone means your homework will take much longer to get done. So, turn the phone off and get the work done.

3. Cell phones should not be used at school, church, mosque and restaurants. In fact, when you are in these places, turn your phone off.

Rule 3 is: don’t be a nuisance to others.

4. Your phone has a camera. Never take pictures of your private parts, or those of others.

  1. Cell phones should never make bodily sounds. Ringtones and applications that fart, belch or puke are not so funny to others. They shouldn’t be on your phone.                                                                                                                               By Funmi Ajumobi http://www.vanguardngr.com/

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