Lantern Tales by Moonlight: Extract from Kekere, an Interesting fairy tale Published by Lantern Books (Continued from last week)


Soon enough, a beautiful butterfly charmed by kekere’s beauty fluttered round and round above her and settled on the leaf. Kekere was delighted.

“Hello Beautiful child,” the butterfly said.

“Hello Butterfly,” replied Kekere. “Why are you in the middle of the stream?” asked the butterfly.

Kekere then told her the story of what happened to her.

Untitled-3 copy.jpgza

“Tie your ribbon round me and let me take you to the shore where you will be safe. There are many dangers out on the river,” said the butterfly. She took the ribbon that her mother had tied into her, she fastened one end round the butterfly; and fastened the other end to the lily leaf. The butterfly rose into the air and started to pull the lily leaf towards the side of the stream. A beetle flying past looked down on the curious scene and soon caught sight of Kekere. Like all who had seen her before, the beetle was also charmed by Kekere. He flew towards her and picked her up off the leaf. The little butterfly wriggled out of the ribbon Kekere tied around it and chased after the beetle but the beetle was too fast and was soon out of sight. The butterfly had no choice but to give up and go its way. Kekere watched the butterfly disappear into the distance as the beetle took her to his home tree and sat down with her on a large green leaf. As he arrived, all the other beetles that lived in the same tree came to pay calls and to see who the beetle had brought with him. They all examined Kekere closely, and remarked,

Untitled-4 copy

“Why, she has only two legs! How miserable!”

“She has no feelers!” cried another.

“How ugly she is!” said all the lady beetles—and yet Kekere was really very pretty. The beetle who had snatched her up knew this very well; but when he heard all the beetle ladies saying she was ugly, he began to wonder if keeping her would be a good idea after all. So he picked Kekere up, flew down from the tree with her and set her on a hibiscus. Kekere stared up at the beetle fly away from her and looked around her to see where she was now. She was a long way from home and all alone. She knew that she would have to find shelter somewhere. But where would she find it? She did not know, so she picked a direction and started walking. Soon she came across a burrow under a large bush and went to knock on the door.

Read the full story in Kekere, an Interesting fairy tale Published by Lantern Books .


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