Lantern Tales by Moonlight: Extract from Kekere, an Interesting fairy tale Published by Lantern Books (Continued from last week)


Her body was barely bigger than the young woman’s thumb. The woman picked her up and kissed her. As she did, the little girl opened her eyes. The woman was filled with joy to have a child despite her size.

“My dear beautiful little child, what will I call you? You are so little. I’ll call you Kekere,” the mother said.

Kekere’s mother made a beautiful, colourful dress for her daughter and also made a coat to keep her from getting cold. She also gave her a beautiful red ribbon, which she tied to her hair. She placed her in a cradle made out of polished coconut-shell.

Inside the shell, she placed pieces of banana leaves which served as her mattress and a hibiscus petal as her blanket. Kekere’s mother put her cradle on a table. In the daytime, she played on the table and at night, she slept in her cradle.

frog peepingOne night, while Kekere was sleeping peacefully in her little bed, a very ugly mother toad hopped up to the window and looked in at the sleeping Kekere. “She would make a decent wife for my handsome son,” she croaked. Then, she hopped through the open window and jumped onto the table where Kekere was fast asleep. She picked up the cradle and jumped back out to the garden and to a wide stream which flowed there, where the mother toad and her son lived.

Untitled-1 copy.jpgd

The toad was just as ugly and scary as his mother  and when he saw Kekere sleeping soundly in her cradle, all he could say was, ‘Croak, croak, croak!’

To be continued next week.

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