Lantern Story of the Week: Meet Caca and Lala

The Lost Beach Image for Blog post on Social MediaLala and Caca are sisters and they are in the same class. They are both bold and courageous. The Children’s Day celebration is forthcoming. All the boys in Lala and Caca’s class, led by Charlie and Brian, decide that the class will be visiting the Stadium against the wish of most of the girls. Lala and Caca boldly present their choice of going to Port Harcourt Beach instead to Ms Christy, their form teacher, and eventually change the boys’ plan.

Sadly, their parents do not approve of going to the beach due to its poor state. The courageous girls are not satisfied with their parents’ position, they would rather visit the beach to confirm their parents’ story about the beach.

They eventually find their ways to the beach but…something terrible happens. What could this terrifying experience be?

Read the full story of Lala and Caca in The Lost Beach by Patience Ezinwoke.

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