front 2

  • I am a fruit of five letters, my first letter is the highest class of living things on earth, while my last two letters are a command. What am I?
  • What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?
  • Everybody likes to see me and use me but if you touch me, you are dead. What am I?

  • If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?
  • I walk with 4 legs, 2 and then 3. What am I?
  • You can keep it only after giving it away to someone else. What is it?
  • I am not your friend but whenever I move you must clap for me. What am I?
  • It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?
  • The cloud is my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I’m the torment of man. What am I?

Cecilia Ejebong

(Pry5 Garrick Memorial Group of Schools)

Extracted from Lantern WAT Magazine (first edition)

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